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Naskar & Co. Manufacturing,Sale & Support Office In USA

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Dear Musicians and Friends,

Due to Increase in Demand of our Products in the West, we have now extended our "Naskar & Co." Manufacturing, Sales and Service Support Office in the United States of America for all West America Region Customers for prompt & immediate availability. We are available at +1 310 489 5760 & [email protected] for full range of Musical Instruments Purchase, Repairs, Rentals, Annual Maintenance contracts or any related assistance. We guarantee your full satisfaction with our cost efficient and high precision quality services.

Thanks and regards,

Krishnendu Roy (Owner)

Naskar & Co.

Gaibe Bangla

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This is a call for auditions for all Singing Enthusiasts. If you can sing…we give you a platform !!! A Singing Reality Show Gaibe Bangla On Sadhna Bangla ...

Interested People Can Drop Details In Inbox Or Email [email protected] Or Call/Whatsapp +919674568938 for Registration ...

Register Yourself & Get A Chance To Perform Worldwide ...

Institute of Indian Classical Music

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People Interested in studying Indian Music , Art & Dance contact ...

Contact : Krishnendu Roy

Address : 14/1,Ganga Prasad Mukherjee Road Kolkata 700025

Call/Whatsapp : +919674568938

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Institute of Indian Classical Music

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Every day around the world, billions of people listen to music of one sort or another, and millions listen to Indian Classical Music. Why do we do it? Because it’s fun? Because it energizes or relaxes us? Because it keeps us current, allows us to understand what’s happening in past and popular culture? Indian Classical Music has never been explained so widely in the past so many years . Institute of Indian Classical Music offers a new and unique program for anyone interested in progressing their career in Indian Classical Music We begin with the elements of music, breaking classical music into its components of pitch, duration, and sound color, allowing us to better understand how music works. What makes this music great? Why does it move us? What should we listen for? And so we proceed down through Indian Classical Music history, visiting virtually the people who created it and the places where they did so. By the end, Finally we will see how the elements of musical composition have evolved over time and how they have been translated to a universal language enjoyed and understood by millions ...

Interested People Contact :-


Contact : Krishnendu Roy

Address : 14/1,Ganga Prasad Mukherjee Road Kolkata 700025

Call/Whatsapp : +919674568938

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Naskar & Co.

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Instruments Available At Our Store :

Professional Harmonium :

1.Scale Changer Harmonium C/P-010 $650

2.Scale Changer Harmonium C/R-010 $650

3.Scale Changer Harmonium C/P-011 $600

Beginners Harmonium :

1.Portable Harmonium P/3.5-020 $400

2.Regular Harmonium R/3.5-021 $350

3.Wooden Harmonium P/3-050 $350

4.Wooden Harmonium SP/2.5-030 $350

Electronic Tanpura :

1.Raagini Digital $200

2.Ranjani + 5 $220

3.Saarang Magic Zx $300

4.Saarang Sparshini $280

5.Saarang Miraj $200

6.Saarang Maestro DX $180

Electronic Tabla :

1.Riyaz Master Pro Electronic Tabla $200

2.Electronic Tabla Taal Tarang $250

3.Taalmala Digi 108 plus $250

4.Taalmala Digi 60 DX $220

Other Electronic Instruments :

1.Swar Sudha $100

2.Sunadamala Plus $185

3.Dhruva Nano ZX $125

4.Digital Swarmandal $460

Percussion Instruments

Manual Tabla $100/$200/$260

Clay Khole $90/$130/$180

String Instruments :

1.Professional Sitar $450/$745/$1200/$1500

2.Professional Sarod $450/$525/$700

3.Gents Tanpura $300

4.Ladies Tanpura $275

5.Esraj $375

6.Dilruba $400

7.Sarangi $300

8.Swarmandal $275

Indian Slide Guitar :

1.Indian Acoustic Guitars - Devangui $500

2.Classical Slide Guitar for Student, Gandharvi – G2201 $1500

3.Classical Slide Guitar for Collector’s, Gandharvi – G2203 $3500

4.Acoustic 4 String Guitar - Anandi $700

5.Acoustic 6 String Guitar - Anandi $985

6.Indian Classical Guitar - Chaturangui $1600

7.Indian Classical Guitar for Artist’s – C1102 $2500

8.Indian Classical Guitar Upright– C1104 $2400

9.Indian Classical Guitar Collector’s Peacock– C1105 $3800

Accessories :

Baya Head $20 | Tabla Head $20 | Metal Hammer $20 | Tabla Baya Bass $15 | Tabla Top $15 | Tabla Case $90 | Harmonium Case $80

Sangeetpedia : $70

Sangeetpedia is the first multimedia encyclopedia of Indian music. A product which has taken 7 years to compile...It is a revolutionary product with the aim of educating and introducing Indian music in an academic light. Sangeetpedia features the biographies of over 250+ lumenaries and pioneers of Indian music. It has many archival recordings of many of the top musicians from 1900 onwards. We have also used some of the most talented musicians in India of the present generations to define and demonstrate many of the terms of Indian music. We are aiming to further enhance its term-base every few months to include over 10,000 terms that have been marked for inclusion. There are numerous audio and video recordings that have been shot for Sangeetpedia and remains one of our strongest points. The music of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan is so diverse and culturally flavored we have done our best to keep it true to form. Students of Indian music, as well as those who have never heard Indian music can enjoy and educate themselves of the many different features of Indian music.


Fully searchable, easy to use layout

60+ Ragas & 23 Talas, defined and demonstrated

Install on hard drive or run from DVD-ROM

Packed with 8 gigabytes of video/audio/images

1,250 fundamental terms of Indian Music

685 rare and often unseen images

220 high quality audio files

425 high resolution videos; all new and never before seen

233 biographies of the pioneers of Indian music along with examples of their works ...

Interested People Contact :

Call/Whatsapp : Krishnendu Roy +919674568938

Email : [email protected]

Website :

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Naskar & Co.

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